Enjoying Weight Loss - A Doubter's Guide

"Enjoying weight loss?", I hear you say. Surely that's an oxymoron? How can it be possible to enjoy something that is, more often than not, a chore?

Well, we all know that, if we want to be successful at something, it helps if we have an affinity with it. In other words, if we enjoy doing it, we're more likely to be good (and successful) at it. Losing weight is no exception.

There are countless systems, diet plans, dieting pills and fat burning products all over the internet nowadays, so the question is, how can we make weight loss more enjoyable?

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Use the following suggestions as a springboard to achieving your goals:

Don't be so bogged down with calorie counting that you miss the important things in life, like family, friends and social occasions. Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to knowing what and how much to eat and, just as importantly, when to eat (or not). Control your diet, don't let it control you. Don't try sticking to a weight loss plan if the supplements taste awful! If you don't like the taste, you won't trim your waist! The diet plan is doomed to fail, and you won't enjoy a minute of it while you're 'torturing' yourself. Only eat food you like; sounds glaringly obvious, I know, but we're too easily led by the product manufacturers' sales pitch. These systems should be enjoyable - don't let them take over your life. Learn which foods to eat, and which ones to leave out. Eating the wrong foods can cause hunger to remain with you through the day. Make this learning process fun by experimenting with different kinds of food, some of which you may never have tried before. You may not like some, but hey, that's all part of the learning experience! Don't you ever wonder what you may be missing? Take up the challenge with a loved one or close friend; this can be more enjoyable than putting yourself under pressure by joining diet or exercise classes and being measured in front of a number of relative strangers. Pressurising yourself will only feed self-doubt and anxiety. Competing against friends is much more fun! Set yourself realistic goals. Don't attempt huge weight loss targets that will ultimately just discourage you to the point of returning to bad food habits. A little at a time, just like your meals! Keep a diary or journal. This will help motivate and focus you on enjoying your weight loss system. Seeing something in written form can be so much more powerful than just hearing or seeing it. Re-read it regularly to see the progress you've made and push you on to your weight loss goals. You may surprise yourself! Be honest with yourself. Step back for just a moment, and ask yourself why weight loss shouldn't be enjoyable. If you are honest with yourself, you won't have an answer to the question....

These are just a few suggestions for helping you actually enjoy weight loss; I'm sure you'll be able to find even more reasons why weight loss should be enjoyable, rather than a daily grind. In fact, make it another challenge to add reasons to this list!

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