A Law of Attraction Weight Loss Process

Is there a Law of Attraction weight loss process? I believe there is. Weight loss and maintaining it requires focused, directed thinking. The battle is in the mind; in decisions and choices made.

The Law of Attraction is based on the creative power of thinking. Thoughts are things and focused, repeated thoughts will be manifested in some way in your life.

You think and feel that you have always had a problem with weight and eating. You think that way, you act "as if" and your thinking will confirm your beliefs. Yet, you have an incredible power to create a new life by your thinking. Utilize universal principles to change your situation.

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An effective weight loss plan must:Be a lifestyle decision and not a diet Have the right goals Be ruthlessly positive Be worked slowly Be fun Have an exit strategy

I HATE THE WORD "DIET." "Diet" reflects a temporary process that you must painfully endure until you reach a goal; then what? Thinking, attitudes and therefore habits about food and eating got you to a place where you don't enjoy how you feel and look. That is simply Law of Attraction principles at work. You created your body by your thoughts which led to attitudes which solidified habits. Now, change your thinking!

If your plan is not a lifestyle plan then just stop reading this; I have nothing to offer you. Your plan, and therefore your goals and affirmations, must create a lifestyle change. Your lifestyle has brought you to where your are, only a changed lifestyle will take you somewhere else.

Your overarching goals can't be about weight loss. That sounds contradictory if not foolish, but according to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you think about. Thinking about weight loss all the time is still thinking about weight. Your subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between a positive state or negative one. It only "hears" the emotional energy.

What you really want is a more attractive and healthy body. Get that idea focused in your mind. Let that image dominate your thinking. Let your visualizations and weight loss affirmations focus on that instead.

Weight loss is only the path to your goal of an attractive and healthy body. Put weight loss as secondary where it belongs. It makes a difference. My focus in losing 30 lbs was developing and enjoying vibrant health. It made the process so much more positive.

Losing weight is not exciting and motivating; developing and enjoying vibrant health is. It even made the process fun for me. Every time I went grocery shopping I was developing vibrant health. The times I was exercising and felt like quitting were energized by my thought of vibrant health. I used my imagination and my emotion and made it a game; made it fun.

A goal like vibrant health is so positive compared to trying to lose weight. The emotional energy that constellates around an exciting goal with affirmations that are motivating is powerful.

You must work a plan slowly. These ads about losing 30 lbs in two months are insane. My goal at first was just 1½ lbs per week. Later I changed that to 1 lb per week. You must give your body and mind time to "catch up" and be aligned. It's a lifestyle thing again. That's why I took what I called a "stepped approach."

You can get weary of focusing so much on eating and exercise. I decided to stop my "campaign" after I was half way to my goal which took about three months. After getting used to the "new me," I took on another "campaign" with easier goals and managed to keep the weight loss pace even during the holidays - that's a lifestyle change.

Try a plan that has "steps." Get used to the changes for awhile and then go at it again.

Lastly, have an "exit strategy." If you buy a house to renovate for investment purposes, you need an exit strategy. How will you eventually deal with the house? You'll probably sell it and so you will need a time frame and method to do this.

Diets have no real exit strategy. Once you reach your goal of whatever weight you want to reach, then what? Do you keep losing forever? You will very likely return to old habits and then eventually see the old body back. Have an exit strategy that reflects lifestyle changes.

My exit strategy was quite simple; once I reached my goals, I let go of any thoughts about weight loss! My eating habits were ones that I was happy to maintain and believed in. The stepped process was a gradual decrease in weekly weight loss goals so that "stopping" meant practically no change. I had practiced and developed a lifestyle. The Laws of Attraction kept me focused and motivated. It will work for you.

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