Top Weight Loss Diet Solutions and Protocols

Here are some top weight loss diet solutions that will make it easier for you to lose weight. The idea behind losing weight isn't to suffer or deprive yourself. You don't need to do anything crazy to lose weight. I'm going to share with you some interesting protocols for faster weight loss.

Top Weight Loss Diet Solutions

1. Make eggs a daily requirement

Eggs have gotten bad press in the past. OOPS. They got eggs wrong. Now eggs are all of a sudden good for you. Well, they've ALWAYS been good for you. Eggs have the highest protein quotient of any source of protein in the world.

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Protein is known for speeding up your metabolism naturally. That's why high protein diets are so popular among the weight loss crowd. My suggestion... make sure to eat eggs daily. 2-4 eggs... JUST RIGHT.

2. Make black beans a regular side dish for your meals

Listen. There's a hidden factor that's not really all that hidden... that helps you to drop pounds really fast. It's eating lots of fiber. To make this as simplistic as possible for you, I recommend that you eat 1 can of black beans each day. They're cheap... 53 cents a can at Wal-Mart. They're loaded with protein, 25 grams a can. And most importantly to me, they're loaded with 25 grams of fiber in each can.

You'll want to cook the black beans for 5 minutes. For women, I recommend you eat 1/2 can at breakfast and 1/2 can at lunch. For guys, you can eat the whole can at any meal or eat a half can at 2 meals just like women. Just so you know, the average American consumes only 9 grams of fiber a day. The US government recommends you get 25 grams daily.

3. Use string cheese and beef jerky as snacks

Both are high in protein and satisfy hunger really well. Again, remember, protein speeds up your metabolism. This translates into easier and faster weight loss. These are 3 top weight loss diet solutions that you can put to use immediately to help you lose weight without starving or suffering.

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