The Psychological Aspects of Weight Loss

There are so many weight loss programs so it is really hard to choose one that will work for you.

How do we usually choose a weight loss program? Inspired by a long sales letter or a hyped TV or magazine ad we buy a "magic" product, whatever it is. It seems to be so easy to attain our goal with it - it doesn't put pressure on our time and doesn't require an effort. Soon afterwards, when we don't notice any "fast" changes promised, the level of motivation subsides. Disappointed we put the "magic" product away and forget about the weight loss stuff all together. Now it is also associated with the financial pain, the pain of wasting money. Some time later the pain is forgotten - perhaps we need to go on vacation to the beach or attend an important event so we really need to fit into that particular dress, whatever the reason is, and the search starts again, search for another "magic" product. And vicious cycle continues... Inspiration, motivation, disappointment and staying away for a while are the characteristics of this cycle.

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At some point we finally realize that in order for any program to succeed we need to put forth an effort. At that point we also feel an inner determination to do whatever it takes to lose weight; we are ready to give up all those unhealthy habits we had. And this is where the real magic lies - it is not in weight loss programs or other weight loss products, it is inside us. At this point a more or less reasonable weight loss program or book will help us lose weight.

The trick is to come to this point. Here is when the mind clearing techniques come in. Weight gain can be a result of different psychological issues that created a state of not loving and not accepting ourselves. As anything else weight loss starts from inside out.

Below are some techniques to help with this psychological shift:

1. Affirmations and creative visualizations. Start with "I love and accept myself the way I am", "I deeply respect myself" and feel it when you say it. After the start of the actual program you can use weight loss related affirmations such as "I am slim and beautiful" and visualize yourself slim and in beautiful clothes.

2. Practice Yoga and meditation. Yoga will activate your energy centers, increase the energy flow and help you awaken to your inner self that will result in self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. Meditation will help clear your mind of negativity - all the negative perceptions of yourself you might have.

3. Try also Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on all your negative emotions. It is very easy to learn and apply and includes tapping certain Acupressure points in a sequence. Manuals are freely available on the Internet and there are tons of videos on YouTube. You can apply the EFT not only to emotional issues but to physical problems as well (including extra weight).

So how these can help you lose weight? Self-love will increase your self-awareness; you will pay attention to what you eat and take a better care of your body. At this point you will not look for easy "fixes" anymore and will be able to follow a weight loss program that is right for you.

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