Key Benefits of Christian Weight Loss

Christian weight loss programs are more beneficial than regular weight loss programs. That's a bold statement, but I know. I lost 85 pounds using Christian weight loss principles and have kept it off for several years. For years, I tried traditional diets, but the weight always came back and then some! The only difference between my previous failure and my ultimate success was my faith.

Here are some benefits that you receive from practicing Christian weight loss principles:

You learn to love and accept yourself. Even before I lost a pound, I anchored myself in God's love through regular prayer, praise, worship, and bible study. As I experienced God's love personally, then I was able to love and accept myself as I was. This served as the basis for my decision to take care of myself and lose the excess weight through healthy eating and exercise. I decided that the best way to demonstrate self love was through practicing positive health habits.
You develop a sense of self worth. During my prayer time and through bible reading, I became convinced that I was precious to God. My body is His temple and as such has value. Because my body is valuable, then I treat it that way every day.
You discover your significance. Through deepening my relationship with God, I found that I had a purpose in life. My life mattered. Because my life mattered, then I was no longer content to live in anxiety, stress, and depression. I stopped smothering my feelings with food and trusted God to help me deal with painful emotions. In fact, practicing Christian weight loss principles helped to deepen my relationship with God. And as He healed me, I discovered ways to use my talents to help others. Because that is what life is all about ultimately - using your gifts to make a difference.

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As you can see, these benefits address the deeper issues of life, which are completely missed with traditional diets. Losing weight is not about living a diet, but rather about choosing to live abundantly. When you choose a more balanced approach to health and weight loss, as Christian weight loss principles provide, they not only help you lose weight more effectively, but enjoy your life and help you become all that you were designed to become.

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