Acai For Weight Loss - Does it Work?

Recently there has been so much hype and advertisement about the new "magic" food that will cure every single problem you got! This is acai - pronounced asha'ee! Acai for weight loss, acai for depressed mood, acai for high cholesterol, even acai for the Wall Street! But what is this strange fruit? It comes from South America, mainly found in Brazil and other neighboring countries and belongs to the family of berries. It has been used by local populations for many generations and has been found to contain some really healthy ingredients.

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Now it is promoted as the ultimate weight loss supplement that apart from weight loss, has a positive influence on people's health. They claim that there is a rapid weight loss occurring, along with making people that take acai- normally acai juice- to feel more energetic and happy. They even claim that acai has been found on studies to be able to kill leukemia cells and show great antioxidant abilities. If you read all that has been written about it you might think they talk about the perfect food ever!

On the other hand if you cover your ears, take a deep breath and do a little research about acai for weight loss and the other attributed abilities you will find some interesting facts:

There are no serious scientific studies that prove acai is suitable for weight loss. Publishers refer in general to studies but none can be found! The alleged ability of acai to kill leukemia cells is not a unique, first time to appear reality. Other fruits like grapes, mangoes, guavas etc have been shown to kill cancer cells in similar studies as well. This does not mean that either acai or the above fruits can cure cancer! We are so far away in terms of research to prove such a theory. As far as the incredibly advertised antioxidant ability of acai, while it is true it exists, still it is inferior to many other substances like-in order of potency- pomegranate juice, red wine, blueberry juice and black cherry juice. Nothing unique in here too.

From all of the above data one can understand that the recent frenzy on eating acai for weight loss although it could be true, it is not clinically proven. It is a healthy fruit with lots of valuable ingredients, rich in good quality oils and antioxidants but you should not build your weight loss efforts around it. First because it will hurt your pocket in the long run(!) and second because we just don't know yet its exact effect on dieting. It could be worth trying but right now stick to your old friends healthy eating and exercise.

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