Weight Loss by Calorie Shifting

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, so new weight loss techniques come and go. The latest one is calorie shifting. Here is how weight loss by calorie shifting works.

Calorie shifting involves changing the amount of calories your body takes in, thereby "tricking" it into burning more calories. Many people like it because it uses readily found foods.

For example, let's say you have a 2,000-calorie-per-day-diet. On a calorie shifting diet you would eat 300 calories more on a few days the first week, then 300 to 500 fewer calories the second week, then continue to alternate on the following weeks. The idea is that your body's metabolism does not know how much energy to expect from food and thus runs more efficiently.

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The theory behind calorie shifting is that the body gets used to certain routines. For example, if you follow a low-calorie diet, eventually your body will shift into starvation mode, thus preventing you from losing weight.

There are many weight loss programs that use calorie shifting. Some people simply count their calories each day and add more or less depending on which week they are in the program. Other follow much more detailed plans. These plans list specific meals, up to four per day. These plans often incorporate a certain amount of free days after a cycle of about 10 days.

People have reported success with calorie shifting, losing as much as 9 lbs in only 11 days. However, it remains to be seen whether the weight will stay off. This is especially true for detailed programs, which may eliminate essential nutrients such as fruits and vegetables on some days of the diet. It may be impossible to maintain the weight loss once the program is done. Further, it may be hard to follow the plan if everyone else in the household eats regular meals.

Should you try weight loss by calorie shifting? That depends. If you want to lose weight quickly for a special occasion and can stick to a calorie-counting regimen, by all means try calorie shifting. However, for long-term weight loss, the better option may be the common sense approach of eating less and exercising more. The weight will come off more slowly but you are more likely to keep it off.

In addition, losing weight the traditional way reinforces good eating and exercise habits necessary for a lifetime of good health.

Weight loss [http://www.secretweightloss.net] by calorie shifting can be an effective way to watch the scale shift downward. Incorporate healthy foods and watch the pounds melt off.

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