Weight Loss After Pregnancy - The Importance of Eating Small and Frequent

Unfortunately, most women see weight loss after pregnancy as a short term effort. If you are unwilling to accept that you will have to make permanent changes in how you eat, only rarely will your weight loss after pregnancy be permanent.

Often a change to our eating habits can bring such startling results that its rewards make it that much easier to stay the course. After a certain period it will become part of your lifestyle and no longer viewed as an inconvenience or sacrifice.

When it comes to weight loss after pregnancy, the true test of success is not how quickly or easily you lose the weight, but whether you can keep it off once you've reached your goal.

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If your aim is weight loss after pregnancy, eating small meals more often through the day is an important step to a lifetime of results. Most notably, you will keep your insulin levels low which will help you to burn more fat, even as you eat throughout your day.

There is no doubt that the combination of processed carbohydrates and insulin will promote fat gain. But a recent study has provided some remarkable results concerning the application of portions that will be of interest to women concerned with weight loss after pregnancy.

It began by having volunteers eat three meals a day of a diet consisting of high fat processed carbohydrates. Their insulin levels were then monitored. Predictably, their blood sugar and insulin levels went up and remained high, reducing fat burning and increasing fat storage.

The same people were then placed on the same diet, but portioned out the food in a dozen small meals taken every hour. The result was that insulin levels remained low throughout the day. In fact, the volunteers produced 30 percent less insulin than they did when eating three large meals each day even though it was the exact same diet. This is a lesson of great value for those who seek weight loss after pregnancy.

This study found that the sugar hitting the blood stream at any given time was not enough to overwhelm the body's capacity to store it for immediate energy, thus preventing it from being stored as fat. In addition, less insulin was needed to keep blood sugar levels low. This is of great benefit to women pursuing weight loss after pregnancy, when insulin levels are kept low, fat burning continues.

Weight loss after pregnancy can be much easier if you are willing to alter some eating habits. Eating smaller more frequent meals is one change that can have a huge impact towards your goals. Remember, these volunteers achieved these results through portion distribution alone. Imagine the addition of healthy eating choices.

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