Quick Weight Loss - Does Such a Thing Exist?

Whenever you open the Newspapers, magazines or hit the cyber world, you are bombarded with a plethora of quick weight loss programs, plans and wonder cures. If you are really obese and desperate to lose weight so that you may attain a shapely figure and stop people's snide remarks regarding your ballooning waistline, you might have felt tempted to try out these quick weight loss plans.

But let me warn you, these are all gimmicks that thrive on publicity stunts and dupe unsuspecting customers in parting with their money and sometimes with their health. Most of these so called quick or rapid or fast weight loss schemes are ineffective in the long run, are a waste of money and often cause strong side effects that pose grave health risks.

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Often the side effects turn fatal and culminate in strokes and cardiac arrests resulting from increased blood pressure and heart ailments. Many of the quick weight loss magic pills, supplements and herbs that promise to reduce your weight for you, without involving any kind of physical exertion or exercise, contain chemicals and drugs that are disapproved by FDA.

Consequently many of these quick weight loss wonder remedies have been banned by FDA, but they are still being sold under the counter by some unscrupulous chemists. The herbal quick weight loss pills and supplements, which claim to be safer than their chemical counterparts are even more harmful, hazardous and potentially life threatening.

No wonder, doctors always discourage and advise against the consumption of these magic cures for quick weight loss.

You have to understand that there is no short cut to success. No pill or anything, whatever their advertisements may claim, can diminish your weight for you, without your having to move even one finger. Healthy weight loss is a gradual and painstaking process that requires oodles of determination, motivation, self discipline, adherence to proper diet and a regular moderate to intensive exercise schedule as well as significant life style changes.

Your doctor, nutritionist, fitness expert, medical journals will all tell you that losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is deemed as normal and healthy weight loss. Anything more than that is risky. So stay away from slimming centers which scream WE GUARANTEE 7 KG WEIGHT LOSS IN 7 DAYS in their advertisements.

Fad diets like ATKINS, RAW FOOD, THE ZONE, SOUTH BEACH, SUBWAY, MIAMI, DETOX, GENERAL MOTORS diet, 3DAY DIETS, 7 DAY DIETS etc which are endorsed by Hollywood celebrities as well as crash dieting are extremely helpful in shedding flab dramatically, but they are really unhealthy, result in malnutrition and are slammed by doctors and sane human beings.

In severe cases quick weight loss can also be achieved through minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck and bariatric surgeries.

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