What is Healthy Weight Loss?

We all want a quick weight fix, especially when it comes to losing weight. The initial stages of our diet we can lose a lot of excess wait. People do miraculously well in the first couple of weeks. The reason being our body is not used to of the new healthy low fat foods and it reacts amazingly. The body becomes a weight busting machine and people sometimes lose 10 pounds in a week or more.

But during the second week the weight loss stops reason being your body adjusts to your new diet plan. Therefore it is important to change your diet plan every week. Either you add five minutes to your workout routine or eat a different fat burning food. Overall the safest weight loss requirement for every week is a Kg. A weight loss greater than that might be normal in the first couple of weeks, but later it might just be water weight. Remember water weight comes back, a weight loss which consists of more fat is which you should be looking at.

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When you follow your diet you lose a lot of muscle weight, but when you work out you lose fat. It is better to lose fat, since fat is dangerous and makes you look heavier. Muscle weight is good, but losing both the weights simultaneously is expected in the first weeks. Getting rid of fat more than muscle will be seen if you keep a track of your lost inches. It is important when you start your weight loss process you monitor your weight loss in inches and on the scale. Sometimes you might not have lost weight on the scale, but your inches would have gone down a lot.

So a combination of both proper exercise and the right diet will help you achieve your goal faster. But do not rush your weight loss process since this is a life long adjustment you need to make. Not something which is done for a week and then stopped. Maintaining a healthy weight is a great achievement.

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