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If you have been searching for the longest time for a fat and weight loss program that would work for you, you have probably tried some of the most popular diet plans such as Atkins, South Beach, and the Three-Day Diet. You also almost certainly have found out that these do not really work. Let's try to learn about the theory behind these three fat and weight loss programs.


The Atkins diet program is based on the theory stating that overweight people tend to eat too much carbohydrates-rich food. Atkins seeks to drastically diminish your intake of carbohydrates and instead encourages you to take in more foods that are rich in protein and fat to such extent that the body goes into a state called ketosis. A body in ketosis gets energy from ketones, which are carbon fragments that are the resulting fuel produced by the breakdown of stored fat. A body in ketosis tends to feel less hunger pangs and will be able to burn off stored body fat at a more efficient manner.

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South Beach

The South Beach diet operates on the principle of Glycemic Index (GI). This diet plan suggests that people who want to lose weight should stay clear of foods high in GI, typically carbohydrate-rich foods. Eating foods rich in GI triggers the release of large amounts of the hormone called insulin that are needed to transport the carbohydrates to the liver where they will be converted into fat for storage. The release of insulin in large quantities tends to make a body feel tired and hungry, and will trick it to start craving for more calories.

The Three-Day Diet

The Three-Day Diet is a fat and weight loss program that features a strictly controlled plan that must be meticulously followed for three days at a time. After each three-day period, you can resume with your normal eating habits for four or five days, and then go on with the Three-Day Diet again. The Three-Day Diet promises weight loss of as much as ten pounds in only three days.

Why They Don't Work

Fat and weight loss diets such as Atkins, South Beach, and the Three-Day Diet do not work, or at the very least, produce such negligible results, because of one simple reason. These diet plans do not employ the calorie shifting principle.

Fat and weight loss plans that abide by the calorie shifting principle functions on the hypothesis that a body's rate of metabolism only foresees your next food intake based on your past eating behavior. These plans feature an online diet plan generator that is configured and that computes a collection of arbitrary meals menu that is geared towards essentially confusing your body's rate of metabolism so that it will continue to break down calories even after it has finished breaking down the food in the body. After the body has burned off all the calories in the body, fats are then burned, after which they are transformed into energy that is used to reduce fat deposits. The essential factor in fat and weight loss plans that work on the calorie shifting principle is to sustain the body's rate of metabolism so as not to deprive the body of food and energy.

Armed with all these vital information, it is probably high time for you to go in search of a diet plan that operates on the calorie shifting theory, and you just might finally chance upon a plan that is guaranteed to work for you.

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