Natural Dieting For Weight Loss

Because you are what you eat researchers from the Mayo clinic state that there are certain foods that you should make a part of your daily diet.

It is a dieter's tendency to often eliminate certain food groups so I have outlined a healthy regime for natural dieting and weight loss that will include foods that you should make sure you include in your diet in order for you to preserve and prolong your life.

Whole grains are low in fat and is a natural dieting and weight loss staple that should definitely be on your menu. The fact is that if you are on a diet whole grain will help you eat less because whole grains fill you up. Whenever you purchase bread make sure that you read the label and that you are not just purchasing 'wheat bread' or 'wheat flour.'

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It is important that you look for the label and that you make sure that it says 'whole' on the label. It is also a good idea to make sure that the bread of your choice contains at least 5 grams of fiber per serving. Most dieter's eliminate bread from the diet but as long as it is 'whole bread' you can rest assured that you will not be going against your diet.

At least two 3 ounce servings of fish should be eaten per week. Not only is fish low fat and good for a dieter, it is one of the healthier meals you can eat. It will help you lose weight and it will protect against heart disease, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood clots and depression. The best natural dieting and weight loss preparation would be to bake it, broil it, grill it or poach it.

Broccoli and cauliflower are low in fat and also in calories. This makes for an excellent natural dieting and weight loss food also. And like all vegetables they are a good source of fiber. Again, broccoli and cauliflower protect against heart disease and cancer.

Almonds and walnuts are another natural dieting and weight loss food that is also high in fiber and naturally low in saturated fats. One serving of almonds in the amount of 22 almonds or 14 walnuts is equivalent to a one ounce serving of meat. Both almonds and walnuts reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Now here are a few dieting facts that will help you to see the importance of natural dieting and weight loss because almost everyone attempts to lose weight the HARD Way!


Low calorie diets are hard to stick with because you often feel hungry.

Low calorie diets don't help you learn what foods you should be eating.

Low calorie diets slow your metabolism, making your body go into "starvation" mode.


Low carb diets are too restrictive and are impossible to stick with.

Low carb diets never allow you to indulge in your cravings.

Most people simply cannot live with a low carb lifestyle.


Low fat diets are the worst of the worst! They just do not work at all.

Not all fats are bad. Some fats (like the kind found in Olive Oil) are actually good.

You should actually avoid most "low fat" foods, they are usually bad for you.

If you keep these facts in mind and approach your natural dieting and weight loss program with sensible eating habits you will be on your way to not only losing weight; you will also put yourself in a unique position whereby you develop healthy eating habits which will allow you to maintain your natural body weight.

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