Four Weight Loss Tips After the Birth of a Baby

Weight loss after giving birth can be extremely difficult but it can be done. The jubilation a new mother feels after giving birth to the most gorgeous baby she has ever seen eventually and without doubt gives way to the misery she might feel when she peeks at herself in the mirror. Being pregnant, for many women, is a time of happiness and delight. Unfortunately, encountering additional body weight after birth is a disheartening fact of birth. Many times, a new mom is disgusted because she is not able to get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes when she brings her new bundle of joy home from the hospital. Weight loss after birth does not happen overnight as just about any mother can attest too. However, on the flip side, it is possible.

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Dr. Judith Reichman of the Today show says, "If you gain more than the recommended 20 to 25 pounds during pregnancy, or if you don't lose the extra weight within six months of delivery, you are statistically likely to carry an extra 20 pounds, 10 years later. If you are overweight to begin with, that number is even higher. The six-month window for losing pregnancy weight seems to be critical."

Wow, only a six month window to lose that extra pregnancy weight or plan on having it around for a lifetime. Let me share 4 ways you can have weight loss after the birth of your baby.

1. Be long-suffering. Although it might look like other new mothers are able to have weight loss right away after birth, keep in mind that all body's are different. If you learn to eat right and exercise regularly, you will have weight loss.

2. Only keep healthy foods around. Avoid highly processed and foods with a lot of unhealthy fats in them. Stay clear of the chips and dips! Eat lots of fruits and veggies in fact two thirds of your plate should be fruits and veggies. Eat whole grains, and low-fat dairy products they will help you lose weight and they are healthier for you and the baby.

3. Remember it took 9 months for the scale to go up. Therefore, count on several months for the scale to go down as well. A healthy diet that incorporates regular exercise or activity will help you lose weight sensibly after pregnancy.

4. Always check with your doctor before going overboard with a diet or exercise program. You can begin to eat right and do some easier exercises but please do not go overboard. Your new baby needs you to eat approximately 1,500 calories a day to keep up your health and breast feed him/her.

It is possible to experience weight loss after birth and you can succeed in maintaining that weight loss if you follow the right eating habits. There are 100's of diet programs on the internet and we have reviewed them and have ranked the five best available for you to look at. You can succeed in your weight loss after all you just gave birth to the most precious thing on the face of the earth!

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