How to Control the Speed of Weight Loss

Many people who are losing weight don't care about how to control the speed of weight loss. The controlling of the speed of weight loss is so important that people must take care of it seriously. The question is how much pounds of weight loss are fit for normal people. It's researched that the maximum amount of weight loss can be no more than 3 pounds a week. If you lose weight to fast, it means some side- effects will come to you and you may get hurt and ill both in body and spirit.

If you want to lose weight gradually and healthily, you must learn something about weigh loss rate. There are many delicious food you have ever day. Calculating the number of daily calories you body needs to maintain its current weight is the first step for you to do. According to this job, you can know how much basal energy you need each day. This is not required to be very precise. A approximate method is measuring your weight and multiplying it by 60. That's all!

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You must know your energy intake every day. You can use the food energy table calculate the average calories of your daily meal items. The big reason why most people can't lose excess weight is because their bodies have adapted to a certain amount of calories, and when this process happens it causes your metabolism to slow down significantly and weight loss is almost impossible. Calculate the total energy loss owing to the daily exercise. We call this Energy consumption. Every 3,500 calorie loss is equivalent to one pound weight loss. If you lose 500 calories a day (Calorie loss), it means you should lose about one pound per week.

You should know that weight loss does not mean you have to starve yourself. Having a healthy meal ever day is very important. You can eat anything as long as your organ system can easily digest well. If you eat heavy meals every day, do no forget to drink green tea so that the fats will not stay longer in your system.

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