Weight Loss Lifer Or Quitter ?

Losing weight and keeping fit and healthy requires more than turning up at your local fitness centre or sports club. Losing weight is a particular mindset and one that you have to persevere with. Weight loss plans and exercise workouts are only a tool which you can use to shed excess weight and get fit, but by themselves, in the box, they don't achieve anything.

There is always a big increase in the membership of health clubs and gyms, at the beginning of each year. Everyone starts the New Year with a new resolution to lose a few pounds after self-indulging over the festive period. Every year the gyms try to find out why they have such a difficult job retaining new recruits and then to make sure that they keep coming back after the novelty has worn off. The secret can be found in appreciating what triggers a customer to sign up to a fitness club in the first place.

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The answer is obvious, you sign-up to a health club or gym to lose weight and make yourself healthier. You don't become a member of the gym to buy a diet, or to be sold any other fitness services or products. A healthy body is about people and their dreams and not about taking a profit.

Ok, you will benefit from some guidance on what to do and you require a schedule of how to approach it. You may benefit from a particular diet type and you may benefit from vitamins and healthy food types, but it is all too easy to become seduced by all of the number-crunching calculations of an exercise or diet program. It is possible that focusing too much on the numbers can and will result in losing sight of your original motivation and in the process, set you up for failure.

In place of thinking positively about losing weight and getting fit, which is the mind set that you started with, you may start to think that all of the calorie counting, reps, and heart rate tracking are too much to deal with. The numbers take over and you start to lose sight of your goals. Now it becomes more of a hassle than a hobby and instead of being a means of stress release the whole thing becomes very stressful! You may even be tempted to quit exercising and dieting as a result.

Yes, you are going to have some tough days, it would be silly to think otherwise. It's hard work getting into shape. It takes determination and discipline. More importantly, you need to be able to see through the hard times when it all seems pointless, and remember why you started. Whatever you do, you should not get too concerned about meeting all the numbers on the charts all of the time.

The biggest challenge for anyone who is going to lose weight or get fit is to be able to follow through. In order to follow through, you have to be a Weight Loss LIFER!

The term 'lifer' comes from the military where it is a phrase for 'a person who has been in the military a long time or plans to stay in long enough to retire'. These are people who have the commitment to finish the course. If you are serious about losing weight or improving your fitness, then you have to be Weight Loss Lifer. Are you a Weight Loss Lifer?

A Weight Loss Lifer understands that there will be potholes to go through; that there may even be really bleak times in the future, but they get through them or they go around them. It may need support from others, but whatever it takes, it gets done. They know that losing weight is so much more than the result of a single day, or a single week. It is the summation of everything that you have done to date.

You may not be a lifer at the moment, but you won't ever become one if you don't make changes now! New Year's Resolutions are good because they are a great reason for making a lifestyle change. Conversely they are bad because few people expect to adhere to their resolutions for very long and quit at the first problem. If you didn't quit on your weight loss resolution then you would still be losing weight. You would already be a Weight Loss Lifer.

We are all individual. We are all different. You cannot just buy a diet plan or an exercise regime and "guarantee the results." It just doesn't work that way. Each one of us needs to fit the diet or exercise plan to match our own needs. You can buy different diet types and plans or exercise plans but what you can't buy, is the mindset of a Lifer.

Do not get over-whelmed with the details of losing weight or getting fit. Make exercising and eating properly a high priority in your life but make sure that it is not the only thing in your life. Be aware of the long term picture and make sure that you keep focused. Bad days happen, but they are much easier to deal with if you are a real Weight Loss Lifer.

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