Master Cleanse Diet - Is it Really an Effective Weight Loss Tool?

If you've been considering a body cleanse such as the Master Cleanse Diet, you've undoubtedly heard about the tremendous health benefits you can receive, but the truth of the matter is that the majority of people who go on this cleanse, myself included, are doing it to lose weight.

The Master Cleanse Diet actually was not originally designed as a weight loss system but, rather, a detoxification diet. Its fat loss potentials became center stage when it was discovered by some of the celebrities, who use it religiously as a tool for quick weight loss and to keep them looking good for the camera.

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While the Master Cleanse Diet is a fasting diet, it still provides all of the essential nutrients you need to stay healthy and energized during the cleanse. It is NOT designed to be a long-term diet and should never be used as such. The diet can, however, be repeatedly periodically, with periods of normal eating in between.

People who have performed this cleanse have reported sometimes massive amounts of weight loss, up to 20 pounds or more in a ten-day period. The weight sometimes falls off so quickly that it's even a little intimidating and causes some people to stop partway through the cleanse.

While these huge weight loss numbers sound impressive, it's important to realize that some of this weight, rather than being actual fat loss, is compacted fecal matter that has built up through the years, and some of it is water weight that will probably return as soon as you return to a normal diet.

It's also important to remember that the amount of weight you lose, as it is with any diet plan, will depend to some degree on how overweight you are to begin with. Those who are significantly overweight will always see larger weight loss numbers than those who have only five or ten pounds to lose.

I have to say that my personal experience with this cleanse was definitely a positive one -- after I finally figured out the right way to do it. I've never been significantly overweight, just five or ten extra pounds that I wanted to shed. While I didn't see massive weight loss numbers with the Master Cleanse Diet, I think my final net weight loss was about four pounds or so immediately after I went off the cleanse, which I was thrilled with because up to that time I was stuck, had hit what they call a plateau in my weight loss program and couldn't get even one pound to come off no matter what I did.

But the best part is what came after. I guess the Master Cleanse Diet gave my body the jump-start it was needing, because once I returned to my normal diet and exercise program, I lost even a few more pounds in the following weeks. And all of my weight has stayed off permanently.

If you decide to give this cleanse a try, I can't stress enough how important it is that you use the right technique and follow it to the letter if you want optimum results from this system. And while the original Master Cleanse Diet provides you the basics, it has some negative aspects that cause some people not to even be able to make it through one or two days on the cleanse. Others have reported that the weight they did lose returned almost immediately after they returned to their normal eating habits.

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