Discussion About Water and Weight Loss

Water and weight loss have been often used synonymously to each other. The reason for the same is consumption of water helps in suppressing the appetite of the body. Water has also been one of the major reasons for weight gain if somebody has water retention problems. Due to this problem of water retention the body often bloats and gains weight. Hence it is vital for the body to shed of this excess water which is being retained by the body.

Weight loss can be achieved through various kinds of weight loss programs. All of these exercises require the body to shed a certain amount of the water in the form of perspiration. It has been seen that there is instant weight loss in the body if the weight measurement is taken after an exercise routine. But this refers to situations where the weight of the body is taken after the exercise regime is completed but before drinking water. At this time the body sheds of a lot of water due to the vigorous exercises and hence loses the weight of the water.

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Water has various other kinds of influences on weight loss programs also. One of the major influences of water on weight loss programs is that it acts as an appetite suppressant. It has been seen that consumption of water before meals helps the body to feel less hungry. Water fills up the bowels of the stomach and hence the user feels less hungry. It is also suggested that water should not be consumed during meals or immediately after meals because it results in slowing down the metabolic rate of the body.

Water is also essential for replenishing the lost fluids of the body. After every workout or vigorous exercise session the body sheds of a lot of water in the form of perspiration. But this water needs to be replenished so that the body is able to regain the lost fluids. Having adequate water is essential because the body looses essential body salts in the form of sweat and perspiration. Having water balances this loss of fluids and helps in maintaining good health.

Water is also essential for maintaining a healthy glow on the skin. Having at least 8 to 12 glasses of water everyday helps the body to flush out the harmful toxins from the body. This also helps in regular bowel and urinary flushes and hence the body is able to get free from various kinds of problems and ailments.

Water is one of the best forms of food which has zero calories. Having water through out the day helps the body to feel less hungry and curbs cravings. Fruits with high water content are advised for weight loss due to the same reasons. Water is essential for the regular functioning of the body and also for overall fitness. All exercisers are advised to have at least 2 to 3 glasses of water after their work out are over so that the fluids of the body can be replenished and problems due to loss of water can be avoided.

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