FREE Fast Weight Loss Tips!

Here are a few free fast weight loss tips I'm going to give out to you. I want you to see that it isn't just about diet and exercise. There are other factors to consider when trying to lose weight fast.

Free Fast Weight Loss Tips

1. Spin in a circle because it helps with your hormones

Your hormones are a POWERFUL force when it comes to everything... including weight loss. If you're fat, you probably have unbalanced, out-of-whack hormones. This is caused by too many things to list in this article. You need to know that even if you have a good diet and exercise often, if your hormones aren't on board, then weight loss AINT happening.

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To get your hormones to work for you, you balance them and bring harmony to them by spinning around like little kids. YEP! Seriously.

Don't believe me. Fair enough. I'll just throw you a dare to do them right this minute. Get up, spin around 10 times with your arms out. Let me know if anything happened.


I know something happened. Whether it was good or bad depends on your hormones. But repeatedly spinning in circles like this each day will help you lose weight quickly and over the long run.

2. Medications wreak havoc on hormones

If you're taking a birth control pill or any pills having to do with high blood pressure or cholesterol, then you will have a hard time losing weight. Again, this goes back to your hormones. Those DRUGS you are taking take their toll on your hormones. A lot of times they MIMIC your own natural hormones. Well, your body doesn't like that too much.

The simple advice here is to phase yourself off these drugs. It's not a coincidence that obesity has risen greatly at the same rate as our prescription and over-the-counter drug use. I'm not a doctor, but in most cases you don't need these drugs. There are healthy natural alternatives that actually fix the problem... instead of masking the symptoms.

Look, these are just 2 free fast weight loss tips that will help you get your hormones back to normal which will get you losing weight quickly.

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