Benefits of Dr Phil Weight Loss

Dr Phil is one of the most popular weight loss book writers. His shows have become one of the hottest daytime shows after Oprah. The doctor has been known for his straight-shooting tips on all kinds of aspects of life. These include everything from relationships to eating disorders. At the moment the doctor has been tackling one of America\'s biggest problems, obesity.

Dr Phil uses different kinds of methods for weight loss. In one of his weight loss techniques the doctor had planned to help America lose weight. He wrote a book on the same and uses 7 steps listed in his new book for helping people lose weight. The name of the book is The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. This book holds the history of Dr. Phil 13 people who will be guided through 10 months of weight loss.

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All the participants would be having cameras in their homes. This way the progress of each of these participants would be noted. Dr. Phil has based his weight program on 7 keys. These should be mastered to permanently lose weight. These include an understanding on what we really think about our self and our weight. This is also based on positive thinking and image of the body. The next factor is dealing with emotional eating. This has been one of the main reasons for weight gain in people with broken relationships or stressed out relationships.

The change of environment to promote success is the third factor. The doctor believes that often things can work out through change of place. Then he focuses on impulse eating, which is again a common occurrence with most people. Guidance of how to choose the right foods, learning how to exercise and setting up a support system is the other strategies of his weight loss program.

Amongst the various benefits of the program offered by Dr Phil are strategies to fight the negative patterns of thinking, combating emotional eating, getting off the couch for an active lifestyle, exercising, losing weight and most of all taking the challenge for weight loss. There is also a dedicated site to strategies deployed by the doctor. This site also has various weight loss tools and other similar options so that information and tips for weight loss can be easily accessed. Apart from this there are options to see the follow along of participants on the show and an online diary to keep track about your eating.

The tips and strategies used by the doctor is not something new or which people have not been aware of. But the packaging of these strategies and combining them with the understanding of the human psyche and physical health works wonders for people who apply for his programs. It is essential to understand why some people loose weight while others struggle on with the same.

The reason is the emotional imbalance in human beings which compels them to deviate from their goals and the doctor forces the user to combat emotional problems along with solving health problems like obesity, weight gain, etc.

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