Best Weight Loss Foods

Losing weight can be very difficult, but there are some very effective tricks you can use to speed up the process dramatically. One of the best tricks to use are weight loss foods. These are foods that will contribute greatly to losing weight, and will get you results very quickly.

Here are the best weight loss foods to use for quick weight loss:

1. Protein.

The source of protein will vary by individual preferences, but the guidelines to protein as an amazing fat loss food are as follows: It must be a lean selection of protein, containing little to no fat. This will include many fish selections, tuna fish without the oil, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, and even lean red meat.

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Protein is absolutely excellent as a weight loss food because it serves an important function in keeping you strong, aiding in muscle development, while not making you fat. That's why many people sometimes go to the extreme and eat almost nothing but protein. They shed massive amounts of fat, but they sacrifice their health as they are missing out on other much needed nutrients. But adding protein with the following weight loss food can actually form the perfect diet.

2. Vegetables.

This is highly overlooked by many of the so-called diet gurus, yet it should be an absolute staple to your weight loss program. There is a specific way to eat vegetables to encourage weight loss. It is by eating a lot of them at one sitting.

What that really means is making vegetables 50-75% of your meal. The reason for this is that you don't get fat off vegetables, even by eating a large amount at each meal. In fact, vegetables encourage weight loss to take place, as by eating a lot they fill up your body, while not interrupting the fat burning process. So the end result is that you are feel satisfied, full, and energetic after your meal, while still staying in the fat burning zone. Can't beat that as a weight loss food.

3. Green Tea.

To top it off, we will drink green tea to put us further in that important fat burning zone and provide us with amazing anti-oxidants which will keep us healthy and free from disease. Many people have heard that coffee can serve as a fat burning stimulant, yet most of the time people drink too much and don't like to be wired all day long. So the answer then is, green tea.

Green tea still has some caffeine in it and provides that fat burning ability, but it also contains ingredients that will keep us healthy and cut down on sickness and disease. And you can generally drink it throughout the day and stay in that fat burning zone without becoming over stimulated.

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