Weight Loss Help Online - A Step-by-Step Guide to a Slimmer You!

I know...I know.

You've seen loads of tips and articles like this claiming to be the weight loss help online you need to see yourself in a slimmer and more attractive light...ONLY to be disappointed as most of the tips either...

- Force you to work-out and break your back 24/7
- Live on juices alone for weeks or even months
- Starve yourself 'til your skin is sticking to your bones

...and more!

Not only are they impossible to do BUT they're detrimental to your health as well...frustrating, indeed!

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HOWEVER, you're still here on my page which means somehow, at the back of your head, you believe that there is some way for you to slim down without facing health risks or being expected to act like a super-human.

And that's exactly what you'll get in this brief and straightforward weight loss help online. I won't stuff you with fluff or hype. Just pure powerful and realistic advice.

BUT I want you to promise one thing -- that you'll apply these steps I'll hand down. You won't lose weight and fat just from reading, and any guide that claims to do so is nothing more than a SCAM you should run away from.

Enough said, let's get to the steps!

Weight Loss Help Online Step 1
Set a goal and be EXPLICIT and REALISTIC with it.

No, you can't just dive into any weight loss program without setting your expectations and what you want to achieve with it. Otherwise, you won't feel as committed. And it will only be a matter of time before you quit if you don't have that commitment needed to complete your weight loss regimen.

And you don't just set any goal!

Go grab a notebook and jot down...

- How much weight you want to lose after a week...a month...and a year.
- How you will lose weight
- Why you want to lose weight

When you're getting off target...or you're somewhat losing sight of your weight loss goals, you have something to go back to (which is in your notebook!) to reinforce your commitment and get pumped up again to work.

Your goals should be realistic, too!

If you're aim is to lose 25 lbs. a week, then you're in for some stinging disappointment. There's no way for you to achieve that unless you're willing to skip meals and live on fruit juices alone. Something that is unachievable and VERY dangerous to your health.

Weight Loss Help Online Step 2
Make a list of the food you eat.

So you love going for burgers, steaks, and soda?

You better write them down. When trying to lose weight, looking closely at the food you eat and making necessary changes are ESSENTIAL for success. After all, you got overweight all thanks to living a desk-bound lifestyle and you're eating high-in-fat and high-in-carb foods.

So if you're daily menu includes foods and dishes that are loaded with fat and carbs...better replace them with healthier alternatives.

Now if you're at a loss what to replace them with, here's a small list of fat-burning foods (Yes! They do exist) that you can add to your daily menu. I'm sure a little research should help you expand this list:

- Apple
- Barley
- Oats
- Broccoli
- And other vitamin-C rich fruits

Weight Loss Help Online Step 3
Last BUT not the least, start living an active lifestyle.

Start kissing those habits of playing video games and watching TV all day goodbye if you want to lose that beer belly.

Now you don't have to spend 8 hours on the gym or fitness center for this to work. There are simple things that you can do to start burning those carbs and fats. Let me show you some...

- You can do sit-up sessions with 10-15 repetitions a day.
- Jump the hoola-hoop your way to a fitter you while watching TV or during commercials.
- Find at least 3 routes to work or school that you can walk on.

Who says you have to break your back to get slim?! For additional tips and strategies for weight loss, be sure to visit our Info About Dieting Website where you can read our review on programs such as Strip That Fat.

The key here is consistency and discipline. For sure, you won't see results that are worth writing home about for the first couple of days or weeks...BUT keep it up, it's only a matter of time before you wake up one morning and those jeans that once was a pain to wear fits with your waist smoothly and perfectly.

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