7 Key Tips on Weight Loss

In this article it is our hope to provide you with some positive help about weight loss. Losing weight as you probably know if you are reading this can be so very difficult. It would seem that it should be simple. Eat less, exercise more. If only that were true. Enjoy these 7 tips to weight loss. Losing weight will always be a challenge. With careful thought, knowledge, and action you too can be successful.

1. Forget about calories. Think more in terms of food categories. For instance, fruits vegetables, meats, dairy, etc. Then take the top couple that you know or feel are causing you problems, usually fats or sweets, and cut way down. Maybe only one portion every other day. You may be surprised at the difference. It is the little things that seem to always make the difference. How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time.

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2. Take a walk or do a bit of exercise every day. 15 to 30 minutes will help a lot. Try to increase it over time. Add a little strength training. Exercise has a tendency to suppress appetite. Most people always feel better after a little exercise, just don't over do it.

3. Find out what your healthy weight range should be. Don't go by the models or athletes on TV. They are not good examples generally of what we should strive for.

4. Don't be too concerned about the thin fit ideal. It is very possible to be unhealthy yet thin. You can also be thin and not be healthy. Of course this is not a license to weigh anything you want.

5. Don't be hard on yourself. God gave everyone their initial body shape at birth, so enjoy it and accept yourself more. There are several different types of body shapes. Don't be too hard on yourself. As you accept yourself more your self esteem will rise and it will be easier to lose weight

6 Try to stay away from fast food as much as possible. Eating out is dangerous to weight loss. The portions are large. The food is calorie laden. It is hard to not overeat. If you do eat out order a salad or soup, watch the breads, sauces, and dressings.

7. Be gentle on yourself. It took a while to get the weight on and it is going to take a while to remove it. Work at losing a pound or two a week. It will add up fast. Implement these 7 tips to weight loss in your thinking processes and actions and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results

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