3 Steps to Add Variety to Your Healthy Weight Loss Program

Variety is the spice of life, and being content with living a healthy lifestyle is achievable when you can think outside of the box. When you are on a healthy weight loss program, the experience can get a bit bland sometimes if you don't use your creativity to find ways to mix it up. Too many people quit before they give themselves a chance to find happiness with making healthy decisions on a daily basis.

When it comes right down to it, there are things that you must do on any healthy weight loss program. The most important thing is proper nutrition. For me, it is in the form of a hot cup of green tea followed by a soy-based protein drink and vitamins every morning. That is how I lost over 70 pounds 15 years ago and that is how I have maintained an ideal weight ever since. What keeps me going outside of that? Variety!

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Once you have a firm grasp of what it takes to lose weight, you can begin using that knowledge to find different ways to get the same results. That way you are not eating the same meals and exercising the same way at the same times every single day. It's great to have a routine, but if you don't have variety, things can get very bland very fast. Here are 3 steps to help you add Variety to your healthy weight loss program.

Step #1: Stick With What You Enjoy

You will never stick with something unless you find ways to include the things you love to do. If eating pizza is something you love, then you should not feel like you have to eliminate it just because it won't help you lose weight. Pizza and other junk food is fine if it is eaten occasionally. Set weight loss goals to reward yourself once or twice a week with foods you love that might not have the greatest nutritional value. Just don't eat them every day!

Since exercise is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle, adding variety in into your workouts is also beneficial. Not only does it allow you to avoid boredom, you'll also avoid injuries and plateaus as well. Make the routines of your favorite exercises fun and filled with a variety of movements. Doing the same routines and movements over and over again won't keep your mind interested or your body proportioned properly. I alternate between jogging, bicycle riding and roller skating.

Step #2: Be creative

Once you have a firm grasp of the kinds of foods that make a healthy weight loss plan successful, be creative with them. The soy-based protein shake I eat every morning comes in powder form. You don't think I drink the same flavor every day, do you? I use my creativity to invent new recipes. The same thing happens with meals. Nothing is worse than trying to learn how to eat better by always having to choose the same kind of food prepared the same exact way.

The same goes true for the exercise part of your healthy weight loss program. I mentioned that I alternate between different activities during the week. One way I add creativity to it is by choosing different routes and different distances. I also work out with different friends and listen to different music on the days when I exercise alone. Don't limit yourself to a gym either. Get outside and appreciate your surroundings. There is a lot to see out there!

Step #3: Stay Curious

No matter who many different foods there are to eat, there is always something you have never tried. Whether it's the way something is prepared or a tropical fruit you've never heard of, being curious about trying new things will always help you add variety to your healthy weight loss program. What happens when you are curious about something you have never tried? You either like it or you do not...but you'll never know unless you keep an open mind and learn to trust your curiosity.

There are so many advantages to being curious when it comes to exercise. It is the only way to build new muscles you never knew you had, develop new skills and meet new friends to work out with. If you have ever seen someone do something that you do not think you would like, just try it for sure and then decide. You might find that it's something you enjoy enough to add into your mixed bag of exercises just for the sake of having even more variety.

Sticking to a healthy weight loss program is extremely difficult without variety. If it was an easy thing to do all by itself, everyone would be walking around healthy and thin. But it is not. It takes a certain kind of mindset to reach your goals and if you are afraid of giving up out of the sake of boredom, it is time to add a little variety into the mix. Follow the three steps above and you will probably find yourself so busy trying new things that you will forget you are even trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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