Weight Loss Pills - Is a Weight Loss Pill Right For You?

When it comes to fat loss, many people have at least at one time given some thoughts to taking a weight loss pill. The supplement companies spend a great deal of money each year marketing their version of the weight loss pill, promising that you'll shed the fat faster than ever before. But, how many of these advertisements are true and how many are just going to cause you to burn a hole in your wallet?

Understanding the common ingredients that are listed in these products will be your first step towards deciding if it's right for you.

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Caffeine and Your Weight Loss Pill

Almost all of the weight loss pills you'll find in the market contain caffeine as this is an ingredient that most people tolerate quite well and don't have too many issues taking. Caffeine is going to help give you more energy while you diet and can have slight appetite suppressing effects.

Ephedra or Ephedrine

Next up is the popular Ephedra herb. While this does prove to be the classic standby as far as diet pills are concerned, more companies are starting to move away from including it in their diet pill products because many people aren't quite sure that they feel safe consuming it. If you do choose to include it in your supplement, Ephedra will help to reduce the appetite and provide energy.

Green Tea Extract

Another common ingredient is green tea extract. This will also have caffeine in it - thus helping provide those benefits, and may also serve to boost the metabolic rate slightly, which is going to help speed the
weight loss process.


Another common ingredient is yohimbine, which serves to help promote the fat burning process by stimulating lipolysis (the usage of body fat for fuel). Studies have also shown that this ingredient helps to increase cognition and alertness, two factors which sometimes decline when dieting.

Herb Combinations

Finally, the last ingredient you'll typically find in your fat loss pill is some form of herb combinations. These are made up of a variety of ingredients depending upon the supplement you choose, but generally will help to promote feelings of wellness while on the diet.

So, be sure you have a good look at any weight loss pill you're considering before buying it. By doing a bit of research beforehand you can make sure that it will be what you're looking for and not cause any major negative side effects for you. As always though, keep in mind that any type of weight loss supplement should always come secondary to a good diet and exercise program.

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