Fast Weight Loss Without Pills - the Ultimate Flat Stomach Diet

Is fast weight loss without pills possible? In short, yes - most definitely!

So long as you choose the ultimate flat stomach diet and follow it religiously for a period of at least 8 weeks, you will encounter amazing weight loss results fast! The only question is; which diet plan to lose weight do you choose? I will do my best to help you answer that question but covering 3 keys that should make up any weight loss plan that you are considering if you want to maximize your fat burning.

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1.) Make sure the diet focuses on long term weight loss.

There are a plethora of diets out there that rely on HUGE promises to sell their product. Slogans like "lose 9lbs in 11 days" or "lose 10 pounds a week" are common place; it's great for marketing purposes and I am not disputing that some of these claims may be correct but what it isn't good for is your long term success. To achieve the kind of results these fad diets claim you will have to drastically cut calories and this type of "starvation" diet will more than likely be unsustainable for any length of time.

Ultimately you may lose a lot of weight (mostly water weight and muscle, not fat) but you will end up piling it all back on (and some) once you finish with the diet. Focus on sustainable, long term weight reduction of about 2lbs per week and you will not only feel better, you'll lose more weight in the long run.

2.) Ensure that your chosen flat stomach diet can be personalized.

Fast weight loss without pills is definitely possible, but make sure your chosen plan is individualized. Nothing will stop your weight loss efforts in their tracks as effectively as including many food your dislike in your plan - if you find spinach difficult to stomach and it is on every days meal plan you are likely to find it difficult to maintain the diet. Set diet plans are fine for someone who is totally committed to getting a ripped six pack or an athlete for example, but they just are not practical for those of us who just want to lose weight in the easiest way possible.

3.) Make sure you diet is reasonably balanced.

Don't go for a diet which omits any macro-nutrient completely, fat, carbohydrates and protein are all essential for maintaining good health. Any extreme diet solution is a bad fat loss solution; take the cabbage soup diet, how many of us will enjoy eating just cabbage soup for weeks on end? Exactly, this kind of diet is unsustainable and therefore a poor choice if you are serious about changing your body.

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