Top 5 Popular Excuses For Avoiding Weight Loss

In this article I am going to show the mirror to all those who are still in denial of being overweight. They keep building up the Mount Everest of lame excuses.

# 1 Weight Loss Excuse.

I am too busy. It's Hard for me to give time to any weight loss plan.

This is the # 1 excuse for not losing extra pounds. In today's hectic lifestyle, no one has spare time. But always remember health comes first. You owe this to your health and wellbeing. It is scientifically proven fact that overweight people are at high risk of dangerous diseases. If you don't lose weight Now it will be too late!

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# 2 Excuse.

I have too many other priorities.

You are familiar with this one aren't you? You keep telling your self that I have other important things than losing fat. You give time to your job, your children and undoubtedly to TV. It is very sad that you have no time for yourself. An overweight body is ideal location for harmful parasites.

# 3 Excuse for not doing anything.

No body loves me? No one help me in weight loss.

Many of us complaint that your family or friends tease you for being fat. No body loves you and respects you. You show rebellious behavior by not doing anything to cut down fat.

# 4 Excuse

I am Too Tired.

Often this thought cross your mind. You can't lose weight because you are too tired from your tough routine. You will have to make some time to change your appearance.

# 5 Weight loss Excuse

Weight Loss diets are boring

Exercise sucks.

I am just fine the way I am right now.

These lame excuses are too on high demand as far as weight loss denial is concern. You keep your mind in constant denial. Accept it these thoughts cross your mind too.

But Now avoid all the above excuses because its already too late. Weight loss is best option for better healthier life style.

Be Kind to Yourself Lose Weight Now.

Good Luck!

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