Weight Loss and Healing After Pregnancy

The period of pregnancy for a woman is indeed a very challenging one particularly in terms of ensuring the health of her baby and that of her own. However, the period after pregnancy would be even more challenging as it would not be confined to just nine months. In fact, it has to be done over a number of years and perhaps forever. During the after pregnancy period, the healing process would include weight loss or attempts to lose weight.

To a woman, healing and weight loss after pregnancy need to be undertaken as soon as possible after pregnancy. The longer the delay, the greater the difficulty. In fact, the healing and weight loss effort or program can start immediately after her pregnancy with the right diet. This is vital as diet contributes to 80% of weight loss while exercise accounts for the other 20%.

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In trying to heal and lose weight after pregnancy, many women will have to deal with fatigue. Taking care of baby will be just one of the causes. Sleep deprivation would be another. Next comes the household chores. It would help where there is someone to help. However, even with help, a woman would be hard pressed to find the time to heal herself and lose weight. Therefore, in trying to lose weight after pregnancy, a woman needs to use a weight loss program that is easy and simple to follow. If the diet takes hours to prepare or the exercise routines are difficult and last for long periods, it would not be suitable.

To heal and lose weight, a woman would also have to overcome mental and emotional fatigue. To cope with this,she has to find some time for herself. Experts recommend at least 45 minutes of recreational time. During this time, reading, a leisurely walk, catching up with friends or any activity not centered on baby would be beneficial. As adequate sleep would be a very important part of the after pregnancy healing process,one way of ensuring enough sleep is to sleep when baby does.

A woman needs to take care of herself so that she can take better care of her baby. She has to be fit and healthy. She cannot afford not to lose weight as excess weight would affect her health. Given the circumstances, she has to incorporate the right diet and proper exercise for effective weight loss. Any weight loss solution she chooses, must cater for her special constraints especially in terms of time.

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