The Weight Loss Barrier - 3 Very Simple Ways Anyone Can Do to Overcome It!

Have you lost weight or belly fat seemingly 'instantaneously' over a period of time on a fat loss diet and only found a few months later that you've put it back on again after stopping your fat loss diet as soon you've achieved 'sizable' results? You may have probably been losing weight successfully for the first few weeks after using the new diet or fat loss program, only to be 'stuck' to a certain point later.

When people initially start a diet program they often rapidly lose a few pounds, because most diet programs are designed to do this, they offer you 'immediate' weight losses. Sadly enough though, this 'instant weight loss' is more often than not just 'temporary' weight loss and cannot be maintained in the long-term. Here is a statistic for you to ponder over, "Over 90% of people who lose weight on ANY plan, be it the Atkins Diet or Jenny Craig will put it back on, if not gain even more than they previously weighed. Many have also experienced that their appetites for 'carby' treats has increased once they get off the diet.

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Here are just three methods you can use to keep the weight of:

1. Drink plenty of water:

Here's another fact, the human body is about 60-70% water, the brain is 70% water, and 90% of the lungs are made up of water! Water is essential; it helps us digest food, control internal body temperatures and transport waste.

Drinking water every day is necessary for our health, each day humans must replace 2.4 liters, some through drinking while the rest from foods. So therefore it is suggested you drink about 6-8 glasses of water each day. Water also flushes out the impurities within our body and keeps our skin looking good!

2. Don't forget to put exercise in your daily routine!

If you have been staying away from exercises altogether, or have been doing only light exercises, then you simply cannot lose weight. Weight loss is only possible if you perform high intensity workouts daily. Make them a part of your lifestyle. Exercises are an important factor and provide a powerful way of increasing your metabolic rate. So, get off that couch, switch of that TV, and drop down and give me 10!

3. Eat a variety of healthy foods and cook differently

You don't have to stay away from chocolate forever but just eat them in moderations. Don't overeat, because too much of a good thing can be bad; you may also want to eat of fruits and veggies as well a lean proteins and lean dairy. Something else you can change in the kitchen is to switch to olive oil and cook no fat or low fat alternatives of your meal. Instead of frying you may want to broil.

In other words, to maintain healthy weight loss you must also sustain your healthy lifestyle. In order to keep the weight off, you must continue with a reduced low-carb or no-carb eating plan, or focus on healthier carbs such as fruit and vegetables and avoid or keep at a minimal; sugars, white bread and other bakery products always drink plenty of water each day.

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