Weight Loss Failure - Why So Many Diets Fail to Help People Lose Weight

If you are like most people, perhaps you have been experiencing many disappointments in your attempt to lose some excess weight. How many diet programs have you come across that are over-promised but under-delivered? Why is it that so many diets are under-delivered?

Many people wrongly believe that eating less foods or starving yourself will result in weight loss; but the truth is that restricting your body for food intakes will put you at risk of gaining weight instead of losing it. When we intentionally deny our bodies for foods; we are practically sending a starvation signal to our bodies. The body will in turn take necessary measures to protect itself.

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For instance, the body will slow your metabolism down immediately in response to your action of restricting it for calorie intake. When your metabolism slows down, your body is not able to burn fat efficiently. Thus, making it to accumulate fat more easily rather than burning it. This is the reason why most people will gain weight after stopping the low-calorie or fad diet programs.

Studies show that people who are overweight are found to have diets that contain more fat; in other words, they eat foods that make them fat. Studies also show that fat is accumulated over time, not overnight. Because it takes time to gain weight, it will also take time to lose weight. Any diet program that promises fast weight loss is just an 'empty promise'.

Losing weight is all about 'balance'; a balance between eating right, getting plenty of water, exercising and getting enough rest. Those who don't understand this 'balance' are easy prey for those latest fad diet programs. You can find many new fad diet programs almost on a weekly basis these days. They will appear in every media including the TV, newspapers, health magazines and Internet.

Most fad diets have one thing in common; they all promise 'fast' weight loss as if they had a magic pill or drink that could shed those excess fat off instantly. Those who don't understand what it takes to lose weight will fall for the promise of 'magic pill' which of course doesn't exist.

Understanding what it takes to lose weight is key when it comes to designing a successful weight loss plan. Most diets fail because they don't promote a balance within our body. Many diet programs fail because they are created to make someone or the companies rich instead of creating a product or program that truly help people to lose weight in the healthy way.

Most people have been led to believe that starving the body for foods or counting every calorie they consume is the way to lose weight. This is a false belief of course. As mentioned before, the key to healthy weight loss is the word 'balance'. Our bodies know how to manage and balance our weight if we give them what they need to stay healthy.

Losing weight is not about counting calories or avoid eating, it is about giving your body nutritious foods, plenty of water, proper amounts of sleep and regular exercises. That's what we mean by 'balance' or healthy weight loss.

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